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Enjoy Wi-Fi-equipped buses in Tashkent

  • Published on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 10:26
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 “Toshshahartranskhizmat” (“Tashkent city transport service”) JSC has recently launched the “Wi-Fi Bus” project. It provides Tashkent buses with Internet service via Wi-Fi.

Now, during the trip, public transport passengers in the city buses with a “Wi-Fi Bus” sign on the doors have the opportunity to use the service of access to the national educational and entertainment portal Ziyonet.uz.

According to “Toshshahartranskhizmat” JSC, it is planned to equip 50 buses of the capital with Wi-Fi equipment by the end of this year. The possibility of access to Ziyonet.uz portal, where to date there are more than 4 650 educational, news and entertainment web resources are registered, will especially please students of professional colleges, who constitute a significant part of the passenger traffic during the academic year. In addition, this will allow to continue active introduction of modern information systems for improving the quality of urban transport and creation of comfortable conditions for residents and guests of the capital, in the future. At the moment, wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi is already available on city routes No.2, No.38 and No.72.

This opportunity is especially relevant, as almost 1,3 million people in Tashkent use public city transport services every day. At the same time, about 25 thousand trips are carried out every day along the route network with a total length of 3,5 thousand kilometers. The average passenger, who regularly uses public city transport, spends from half an hour to two hours on buses, a day. Due to the installation of new equipment, passengers will be able to spend this time on interesting educational and informative web resources.

Source of information: uza.uz



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